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About Us

Nityanjali was found in 1999 and this institute has been affiliated from Prayag University Allahabad. We also provide diploma courses we also provide semi classical and Bollywood dance training on Tuesday and Thursday so that students get better training on classical Kathak and semi classical dance in Nityanjali we also organise Pura Mega program in every 2 months so that students get change to represent themselves

The Nrityanjali dance classes

An Introduction

An Introduction

The Nrityanjali dance classes

World Records

Amayra Dua


Being a 7 year old girl it was really a difficult task for amayra to perform Kathak with heavy skates at the same time for 45 minutes she did it and made a world record in Golden Book of World Record.

Muskan Jain


While performing Kathak she mad 2150 spins and made a world record in Golden Book of World Record A girl mad 2150 spins.

Pal Gupta


481 world record she performing 8 types of dance forms for 1 hour 45 minutes continuously with skates and meadowood record in Golden Book of World Record

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